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rescue chair stair chair evacuation
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Rescue Chairs Emergency Evacuation Chairs

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 AOK Global Products Ltd.
Address 50 Corbin Avenue
Unit 50-O
Bay Shore NY 11706
Phone 1 (631) 242-1642
(800) 649-4265 (toll free)
Fax 1 (631) 242-4564
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AOK Global products was established in 1993 by Henry Medina. He developed the rescue chair after experiencing the horror of being in a hi-rise hotel in during an earthquake in California. Noticing that the available stair descent equipment for evacuation of disabled people was insufficient, he designed a rescue chair that meets the needs of all disabled people.

AOK Global Products is a small, minority owned business with GSA Contract number GS-07F-9037D.

GSA Number 1: GS07F9037D
Credit Cards Accepted:
American Express Diners Club Mastercard Visa
Type of Business:
Minority Owned Small Business GSA
1. Rescue Chairs Emergency Evacuation Chairs
NAICS: 339113
GSA Number: GS07F9037D
All multiple story buildings are at risk. Your facility is at risk, even if you are not the target for terrorist attacks. An unexpected fire, gas leak, mechanical or chemical explosion, earthquake or even common problems such as power outages can turn your building into a terrifying trap for people that are unable to walk or navigate stairs. The need for emergency evacuation can happen at any time, without warning or mercy for those that can't walk down or navigate stairs. The New York City World Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing are tragic examples of the additional loss of life which invariably occurs when the proper evacuation equipment is not in place for immediate use.
rescue chair stair chair evacuation
2. Emergency Wheel Chairs Stairway Evacuation
NAICS: 339113
GSA Number: GS07F9037D
Anyone can be disabled in an emergency, smoke, fumes, injury, or even fear can put almost anyone in need of evacuation assistance. Especially at risk are the handicapped, injured, the elderly, children, and pregnant women. In a crisis situation, elevators can be damaged, shut off, or deemed unsafe, and people can be trapped on the upper floors. Many may need assistance to get to the ground floor, and out of the building. No office building, day care center, school, hospital, government facility, federal building, high-rise building, hotel, EMS vehicle, fire truck, or other facilities should ever be without the AOK Rescue Chair. Without proper evacuation equipment in place, help can arrive too late to save lives that otherwise may be saved.
emergency chair safety
3. Hospital Emergency Evacuation Wheelchairs
NAICS: 339113
GSA Number: GS07F9037D
The AOK Rescue Chair can keep an emergency from becoming a tragedy. It enables virtually ANY able-bodied man, or woman, to single-handedly evacuate a helpless person to safety, down any stairwell. Protection for your business, and peace of mind. The AOK Rescue Chair can help prevent lawsuits, reduce insurance claims, and facilitate compliance with accessibility codes. For those unable to escape on their own, the AOK Rescue Chair may make the difference between life and death.

Emergencies Safety Evacuation Assistance
4. Hi-Rise Stairs Evacuation Emergency Chairs
NAICS: 339113
GSA Number: GS07F9037D
Vital protection for your employees and guests, the AOK Rescue Chair is the proper stairwell evacuation equipment because it rides the stairs down to safety. There is no carrying of passengers. The Rescue Chair can be mounted permanently on a wall and can be unfolded and ready for using in 10 seconds. Passengers are strapped in for safety, and the chair rides the stairs, so a steady, controlled, safe descent is provided. The AOK Rescue Chair should be a part of your team effort to save lives.

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